The Nutrimen are a Houston area superhero team that wants the children in the area to regain their health through the use of Exercise, Nutrition, and Brain Power. Are you ready to join the team? Healthy Tips
The Nutri-Men want the Children of Houston, Texas to join the Team and start on the road to Childhood Health
Nutrition Tips-
Read Labels- if High Frutose corn syrup is in the top 3 ingredients... don't eat it. If it has any TransFat... don't eat it. Read to see how many servings are in that package... you will be suprised. 

Eat for Nurishment- Don't beg for a Breakfast cereal JUST because you like the character. There is more to dinner than Toys. Eat Nutrient dense foods - stay away from high sugar and high fat food.

Make Good Choices- Water or Soda- Banana or Twinkie- Candy or Fruit- Stairs or Elevator- Walk or Ride- Chocalate milk or Plain milk- Playing your Game System or playing outside with friends-
You can make GOOD decisions for yourself
Exercise Tips-
Get Up- if everyone walked Just 15 minutes a day ... Diabetes would be stopped in a generation.

Start Small- when you begin, take it easy so you don't hurt yourself. You will get to the results if you stick with it.

Exercise can be anything involving moving around... hold 2 water bottles while dancing... run around the house... wrestle with your brother

No equipment required- do push ups, squats, pull ups, and crunches with only your body.